Jonathan Kearns

This author no longer works for the BIS.
Nov 2018

Other authors: Andreas Schrimpf and Dora Xia

BIS Working Papers   | No 757
Apr 2017

Other authors: Massimo Ferrari and Andreas Schrimpf

BIS Working Papers   | No 626
Dec 2016

Other authors: Nikhil Patel

BIS Quarterly Review   | December 2016
Sep 2016

BIS Working Papers   | No 582
Mar 2015

Other authors: Dietrich Domanski, Marco Jacopo Lombardi and Hyun Song Shin

BIS Quarterly Review   | March 2015
Mar 2015

Other authors: Ryan Niladri Banerjee and Marco Jacopo Lombardi

BIS Quarterly Review   | March 2015