Jeffery Amato

This author no longer works for the BIS.

Date BIS research papers
Mar 2006

Macro factors in the term structure of credit spreads

BIS Working Papers No 203

Other authors: Maurizio Luisi

Nov 2005

The pricing of unexpected credit losses

BIS Working Papers No 190

Other authors: Eli M Remolona

Jun 2005

Research on exchange rates and monetary policy: an overview

BIS Working Papers No 178

Other authors: Andrew Filardo, Gabriele Galati, Feng Zhu and Goetz von Peter

Mar 2005

The role of the natural rate of interest in monetary policy

BIS Working Papers No 171

Dec 2003

The credit spread puzzle

BIS Quarterly Review December 2003

Other authors: Eli M Remolona

Sep 2003

Public and private information in monetary policy models

BIS Working Papers No 138

Other authors: Hyun Song Shin

Feb 2003

Are credit ratings procyclical?

BIS Working Papers No 129

Other authors: Craig Furfine

Jan 2003

Communication and monetary policy

BIS Working Papers No 123

Other authors: Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin

Nov 2002

Implications of habit formation for optimal monetary policy

BIS Working Papers No 121

Other authors: Thomas Laubach

Nov 2001

Modelling the transmission mechanism of monetary policy in emerging market countries using prior information

BIS Papers No 8

Other authors: Stefan Gerlach