Ingo Fender

Head of Financial Systems & Regulation
Monetary and Economic Department

Ingo Fender joined the BIS in 2000. Before taking up his current assignment in 2015, he held the position of Head of Secretariat, Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS), with responsibility for coordinating and contributing to the activities of the CGFS and its various working groups. He has also served as Special Adviser on Financial Stability Policy, as Economist and Senior Economist in the BIS's Financial Markets group, in the Independent Evaluation Office of the International Monetary Fund, the CGFS Secretariat and as Secretary to the Markets Committee. Prior to joining the BIS, he was a Research Associate with the Bonn-based Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI). He also held positions as Junior Fellow at the same research institute and as Research Assistant at the University of Mannheim, while pursuing doctoral studies at the Universities of Bonn and Mannheim.

Fields of interest

  • Financial stability
  • Financial markets
  • Regulatory and macroprudential issues

Date BIS research papers
Mar 2018

The ABCs of bank PBRs

BIS Quarterly Review March 2018

Other authors: Bilyana Bogdanova and Előd Takáts

Nov 2016

Adding it all up: the macroeconomic impact of Basel III and outstanding reform issues

BIS Working Papers No 591

Other authors: Ulf Lewrick

Dec 2015

Calibrating the leverage ratio

BIS Quarterly Review December 2015

Other authors: Ulf Lewrick

Mar 2015

Shifting tides - market liquidity and market-making in fixed income instruments

BIS Quarterly Review March 2015

Other authors: Ulf Lewrick

Sep 2014

Risks related to EME corporate balance sheets: the role of leverage and currency mismatch

BIS Quarterly Review September 2014

Other authors: Michael Chui and Vladyslav Sushko

Sep 2013

Mind the gap? Sources and implications of supply-demand imbalances in collateral asset markets

BIS Quarterly Review September 2013

Other authors: Ulf Lewrick

Dec 2011

Assessing global liquidity

BIS Quarterly Review December 2011

Other authors: Dietrich Domanski and Patrick McGuire

Sep 2010

Bank structure, funding risk and the transmission of shocks across countries: concepts and measurement

BIS Quarterly Review September 2010

Other authors: Patrick McGuire

Jun 2010

European banks' US dollar funding pressures

BIS Quarterly Review June 2010

Other authors: Patrick McGuire

May 2010

Toward a global risk map

BIS Working Papers No 309

Other authors: Stephen G Cecchetti and Patrick McGuire