Gabriele Galati

This author no longer works for the BIS.

Date BIS research papers
Jul 2011

How do inflation expectations form? New insights from a high-frequency survey

BIS Working Papers No 349

Other authors: Peter Heemeijer and Richhild Moessner

Feb 2011

Macroprudential policy - a literature review

BIS Working Papers No 337

Other authors: Richhild Moessner

May 2008

FX reserve management: trends and challenges

BIS Papers No 40

Other authors: Claudio Borio and Alexandra Heath

Mar 2008

FX reserve management: elements of a framework

BIS Papers No 38

Other authors: Claudio Borio, Jannecke Ebbesen and Alexandra Heath

Dec 2007

What drives the growth in FX activity? Interpreting the 2007 triennial survey

BIS Quarterly Review December 2007

Other authors: Alexandra Heath

Sep 2007

Evidence of carry trade activity

BIS Quarterly Review September 2007

Other authors: Alexandra Heath and Patrick McGuire

Oct 2006

The euro as a reserve currency: a challenge to the pre-eminence of the US dollar?

BIS Working Papers No 218

Other authors: Philip Wooldridge

Feb 2006

The evolving inflation process: an overview

BIS Working Papers No 196

Other authors: William Melick

Jun 2005

Research on exchange rates and monetary policy: an overview

BIS Working Papers No 178

Other authors: Jeffery Amato, Andrew Filardo, Feng Zhu and Goetz von Peter

May 2005

The effectiveness of foreign exchange intervention in emerging market countries

BIS Papers No 24

Other authors: Piti Disyatat