Eli M Remolona

This author no longer works for the BIS.

Apr 2019

Other authors: James Yetman

BIS Papers   | No 102
May 2018

Other authors: Dante B Canlas and Johnny Noe E Ravalo

BIS Working Papers   | No 724
Mar 2018

Other authors: Catherine Koch

BIS Quarterly Review   | March 2018
Jan 2016

Other authors: Marlene Amstad and Jimmy Shek

BIS Working Papers   | No 541
Nov 2015

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BIS Working Papers   | No 527
Sep 2015

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BIS Quarterly Review   | September 2015
Dec 2012

Other authors: Paul Mizen, Frank Packer and Serafeim Tsoukas

BIS Working Papers   | No 401
Jan 2012

Other authors: Eric Chan, Michael Chui and Frank Packer

BIS Papers   | No 63
Jul 2011

This report was prepared at the request of Mr Akinari Horii, former Assistant Governor of the Bank of Japan and Chair of the EMEAP Working Group on Financial Markets. It was prepared by Eric Chan, Michael Chui, Frank Packer and Eli M Remolona. It draws heavily from interviews with asset managers, investment strategists, interdealer brokers and central bank staff in several of the EMEAP economies.

Other authors: Eric Chan, Frank Packer and Michael Chui

Jul 2010

Other authors: Don Kim and Mico Loretan

BIS Papers   | No 52