Corrinne Ho

Corrinne Ho

Adviser, climate change

Corrinne Ho was appointed Adviser in July 2020 to foster internal work on climate change-related topics and to coordinate with relevant external initiatives. Before that, she had served in different capacities within the BIS, including in the Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific (2003–07), in the secretariat of the Committee on the Global Financial System (2008–13), as Secretary to the Markets Committee (2009–13), as Adviser to the General Manager (2013–18) and as Head of Strategy Implementation (2019–20) to oversee the launch of Innovation BIS 2025. Prior to joining the BIS in 2000 as an economist, she was at Princeton University, teaching for the Economics Department and the School of Public and International Affairs while completing her doctoral degree in economics. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on modern-day currency boards.

Fields of interest

  • International finance
  • Exchange rates and reserves
  • Central banking

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