Andrew Filardo

This author no longer works for the BIS.

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Sep 2022

by Andrew Filardo, P Hubert and Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul

in Journal of Banking & Finance
March 2020

by Andrew Filardo, Carlos Montoro, Marco Jacopo Lombardi and Massimo Ferrari

in International Journal of Central Banking
April 2017

by Andrew Filardo, Claudio Borio and Raphael Auer

in VoxEU

by Andrew Filardo, Boris Hofmann and H Genberg

in Journal of Asian Economics
June 2014

by Andrew Filardo and Boris Hofmann

in Monetary Policy after the Great Recession
Post-crisis monetary policy balance of risks

by Andrew Filardo, Boris Hofmann and J Caruana

in Monetary policy after the Great Recession
December 2004

by Andrew Filardo and Claudio Borio

in North American Journal of Economics and Finance