Alicia García-Herrero

This author no longer works for the BIS.

Apr 2009

Other authors: Tuuli Koivu

BIS Working Papers   | No 282
Oct 2008

Other authors: Doo Yong Yang and Philip Wooldridge

BIS Papers   | No 42
Sep 2008

Other authors: Jacob Gyntelberg and Andrea Tesei

BIS Working Papers   | No 261
Jul 2008

Revue Economique No 6 (November 2008)

Other authors: Lucia Cuadro-Saez

Jun 2008

Other authors: Daniel Navia Simón

Jun 2008

Other authors: Daniel Santabarbara

Jun 2008

Bank of Finland's Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT) Discussion Papers no 11/2008

Other authors: Daniel Santabarbara

Jan 2008

BSP-BIS High-Level Conference on Transparency and Communication in Monetary Policy, 1 February, Manila

Other authors: Eli M Remolona

Dec 2007

IMF Working Papers WP/07/281

Other authors: Francisco Vazquez

Sep 2007

Other authors: Philip Wooldridge

BIS Quarterly Review   | September 2007