Adrian Van Rixtel

This author no longer works for the BIS.
Mar 2017

Other authors: Leonardo Gambacorta and Stefano Schiaffi

BIS Working Papers   | No 614
Oct 2015

Other authors: Bing Xu and Honglin Wang

BIS Working Papers   | No 522
Oct 2015

Other authors: Luna Romo González and Jing Yang

BIS Working Papers   | No 513
Aug 2013

Other authors: Bing Xu and Michiel van Leuvensteijn

BIS Working Papers   | No 422
Apr 2013

Other authors: Leonardo Gambacorta

BIS Working Papers   | No 412
Mar 2013

Other authors: Gabriele Gasperini

BIS Working Papers   | No 406
Feb 2013

This article investigates the development of bank funding in the euro area in recent years, analysing how euro area funding markets were severely disrupted by adverse feedback effects between the weaknesses of sovereigns and banks. These were reflected, for example, in important adjustments in funding provided by international banks and US money market funds and in a growing recourse to secured instruments such as covered bonds. The article concludes that funding structures that seem stable in normal times can ...

Other authors: Jaime Caruana