About the Asian research programme

The three-year Asian research programme, which concluded with a special conference in August 2009, focused on policy issues faced by central banks and supervisory authorities in the Asia-Pacific region. The research focused on three areas: monetary policy and exchange rates, developing money and capital markets, and financial stability and prudential policy.

By the end of the programme, collaborative research on topics of interest to central banks and supervisors in the region were organised with almost every shareholding central bank in Asia and the Pacific, as well as with regional organisations of central banks. This research not only fed into the numerous meetings organised with regional central banks, but also led to the publication of several articles in refereed journals and the Bank's Quarterly Review. Economists in the Asian research programme also wrote notes on special policy issues at the request of the Asian Consultative Council Governors.

The success of the three-year programme led to a decision to establish a stepped-up research presence in the region on a more permanent basis.