Working Group on Financial Stability

This research working group of the Consultative Council of the Americas (CCA) Consultative Group of Directors of Financial Stability (CGDFS) was established in November 2014, to research topics related to financial stability of common interest to CCA central banks. So far, the working group has focused on research based on micro data, exploiting the richness provided by credit registry databases.

The working group's first project was "The impact of macroprudential policies: an empirical analysis using credit registry data".

The second project studied changes in banks' business models and their impact on bank lending.

The CGDFS also established a Study Group on Stress Testing in 2017, to exchange views and experiences in this area. The group has also carried out surveys among its members and a common stress test exercise to gain further insights on the different methodologies and on their implications for the outcomes of the stress tests.

The work of the Study Group resulted in the publication of a report on "Stress testing in Latin America: A comparison of approaches and methodologies".

In 2019, the CGDFS conducted a survey on fintech activities and regulation in the region. The analysis was published in the report "The dawn of fintech in Latin America: landscape, prospects and challenges."