Principles for senior management meetings with private sector entities and speaking engagements

The BIS engages in dialogue with the private sector to better understand developments in financial markets and the real economy in fulfilment of its mission. Similarly, the standard-setting bodies based at the BIS engage in discussion with the private sector to inform standard-setting and implementation. The BIS also participates in a variety of speaking engagements, which afford the BIS an opportunity to convey its positions on key issues to the public and to external stakeholders. Invitations for such speaking engagements are often extended by private sector entities.

The BIS has adopted principles for its senior management in their engagements with the private sector and for the acceptance of public speaking engagements to preserve trust and credibility in the BIS.

  • The individuals listed on the BIS Management page
  • The Secretary General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS)
  • The Head of Secretariat of the BIS Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI)
  • Privately owned entities whose principal purpose is to generate a profit (eg big techs, banks, consultants, startups)
  • Not-for-profit entities that are owned or controlled by private profit-making entities and whose principal purpose is to represent the interests of its members 
  • Institutes, associations and foundations that are established and funded, in whole or in part, by private parties with a mandate to serve a public purpose
  • Principle 1: BIS Senior Officials should keep records of attendance at meetings with private sector representatives.
  • Principle 2: A log of private sector meetings with the General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Head of the BIS Innovation Hub and Heads of Secretariat for the BCBS and BIS CPMI will be published retrospectively every six months, with a six-month lag. The first publication of the records on the BIS website starts from 1 January 2023. The log will include the date of the meeting, the location, the name of the institution(s) that have attended and the topic for discussion. Where there are multiple attendees, "multiple institutions" in place of specific institution names and the title of the event will be listed without stating names of individual attendees.
  • Principle 1: BIS Senior Officials  endeavour to the greatest extent possible to speak at public events and on the record.
  • Principle 2: Where a BIS Senior Official speaks at a private event, it will be disclosed in the weekly schedule of BIS publications and events. Remarks may also be shared via BIS digital and other official channels.
  • Principle 3: When speaking at private sector-hosted events, or when inviting representatives of private sector entities to speak at BIS conferences, only public information should be shared and every effort should be made to avoid perceived conflicts of interest and potential reputational risks to the Bank. This principle complements senior officials' obligations under the BIS Code of Conduct.
  • Principle 4: Balanced and diverse panels and events are preferred, including but not limited to gender and regional representation.