Asian Office research

Economic, monetary and financial research

Economics and Financial Markets for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Office serves as the BIS's Asian research hub. The unit conducts policy analyses and produces research papers on issues of interest to regional central bank Governors. It also organises and coordinates high-level meetings, working groups, research networks and conferences for Asia-Pacific central banks.

The unit promotes the BIS's cooperation with its members in Asia and the Pacific, and acts as a centre for policy discussion and research on topics covering macroeconomic issues, monetary policy and financial stability.

The unit's research initiatives include:

  • Research on priority themes 
  • Asian Research Network 
  • Working groups

Research themes

Research at the BIS Asian Office focuses on the following priority themes. 

Research themes for 2023

  • Capital flows and spillovers to emerging market economies 
  • Climate change and green finance 
  • Financial technology (fintech) and big tech 
  • Inflation and inflation expectations 
  • Macro-financial stability frameworks 
  • The Chinese economy and financial markets 

Previous research themes included:

2018-19: Inflation dynamics in Asia and the Pacific 
2017-18: Asia-Pacific fixed income markets: evolving structure, participation and pricing
2016-17: The price, real and financial effects of the exchange rate
2015-16: Financial systems and the real economy
2014-15: Expanding the boundaries of monetary policy
2013-14: Cross-border financial linkages in Asia and the Pacific
2012-13: Globalisation, inflation and monetary policy in Asia and the Pacific
2011-12: Property markets and financial stability
2010-11: Central bank balance sheets in Asia and the Pacific: the policy challenges ahead

The BIS Annual Economic Report is also available in Chinese. 

Asian Research Network

The Asian Research Network was established in January 2007 with the aim of facilitating the sharing of policy-relevant research among central banks and supervisory authorities in the Asia-Pacific region while promoting discussions on monetary and financial stability issues. Every year, the BIS Asian Office, in collaboration with a host central bank in the region, calls for papers from network member central banks and supervisory authorities and organises a workshop. The next BIS Asian Research Network workshop will take place in Singapore on 29-30 May 2023.

Working and study groups

The following groups of Asia-Pacific central banks have published reports as ACC Papers:

Asian Office economists

Sally Chen, Regional Adviser

Tirupam Goel, Economist

Jieun Lee, Visiting Economist 

Frank Packer, Regional Adviser

Han Qiu, Economist

Philip Wooldridge, Head of Economics and Financial Markets for Asia and the Pacific

Dora Xia, Senior Economist

James Yetman, Principal Economist

Secondment programme

We host a secondment programme for BIS member central banks in the Asia-Pacific region to foster closer working relationships with shareholding central banks.