Management of the BIS

BIS Management is under the overall direction of the General Manager, who is responsible to the Board of Directors for the conduct of the Bank.

In accordance with the Bank's Statutes, the General Manager is assisted by the Deputy General Manager.

Current members of BIS Management

Advisory committees

The General Manager and the Deputy General Manager are supported by senior management advisory committees. The Executive Committee and the Finance Committee are chaired by the General Manager and the Compliance and Operational Risk Committee is chaired by the Deputy General Manager, and all include other senior members of the Bank's Management.

  • The Executive Committee advises the General Manager primarily on the Bank's strategic planning and the allocation of resources, as well as on decisions related to the broad financial objectives for the banking activities and operational risk management.
  • The Finance Committee advises the General Manager on the financial management and policy issues related to the banking business, including the allocation of economic capital to risk categories.
  • The Compliance and Operational Risk Committee acts as an advisory committee to the Deputy General Manager and ensures the coordination of compliance matters and operational risk management throughout the Bank. The Committee also advises the Executive Committee on material compliance and operational risk matters.