Functionaries of the Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board   President of the BIS
Gates W McGarrah April 1930-May 1933 Gates W McGarrah
Leon Fraser May 1933-May 1935 Leon Fraser
Leonardus J A Trip May 1935-May 1937 Leonardus J A Trip
  May 1937-December 1939 J Willem Beyen
O E Niemeyer May 1937-May 1940  
  January 1940-June 1946 Thomas H McKittrick
Ernst Weber December 1942-November 1945  
Maurice Frère July 1946-June 1948  
Maurice Frère June 1948-June 1958 Maurice Frère
Marius W Holtrop July 1958-June 1967 Marius W Holtrop
Jelle Zijlstra July 1967-December 1981 Jelle Zijlstra
Fritz Leutwiler January 1982-December 1984 Fritz Leutwiler
Jean Godeaux January 1985-December 1987 Jean Godeaux
W F Duisenberg January 1988-December 1990 W.F. Duisenberg
Bengt Dennis January 1991-December 1993 Bengt Dennis
W F Duisenberg January 1994-June 1997 W F Duisenberg
Alfons Verplaetse July 1997-February 1999 Alfons Verplaetse
Urban Bäckström March 1999-February 2002 Urban Bäckström
A H E M Wellink March 2002-February 2006 A H E M Wellink*
Jean-Pierre Roth March 2006-February 2009  
Guillermo Ortiz March 2009-December 2009  
Christian Noyer March 2010-October 2015  
Jens Weidmann November 2015-  

* The position of President of the BIS was abolished on 27 June 2005.

Vice-Chairmen of the BIS Board of Directors

C Addis and Carl Melchior April 1930-May 1932
Alberto Beneduce and June 1932-May 1939
Carl Melchior April 1930-March 1933
Leonardus J A Trip May 1933-May 1935
Marquis de Vogüé May 1935-May 1939
Alexandre Galopin and May 1939-May 1942
Hisaakira Kano May 1939-May 1942
O E Niemeyer December 1946-December 1964
Maurice Frère January 1965-August 1970
Henri Deroy November 1970-January 1979
L K O'Brien March 1979-June 1983
Bernard Clappier July 1983-November 1985
Gordon Richardson November 1985-November 1988
Paolo Baffi November 1988-August 1989
Bernard Clappier August 1989-November 1991
Gordon Richardson November 1991-June 1993
Lamberto Dini September 1993-May 1994
Carlo A Ciampi July 1994-May 1996
R Leigh-Pemberton June 1996-June 2003
Hans Tietmeyer June 2003-December 2010
Masaaki Shirakawa January 2011-March 2013
Raghuram G Rajan November 2015-September 2016