BIS whistleblowing policy

The BIS has adopted a whistleblowing policy under which breaches of BIS rules can be reported through:

  • the BIS whistleblowing online platform
  • the hotline number: +41 43 508 92 45 (access pin: 1930)

"Breach(es)" mean any inappropriate activity, including fraud, theft, coercion or corruption, affecting the Bank's financial interests or reputation, or any conduct relating to the discharge of professional duties by any staff member (including the General Manager), secondee to the Bank or contractor of the Bank, which constitutes a failure to comply with rules and regulations applicable to them, including the relevant BIS Code of Conduct.

Whistleblowers who decide to disclose their identity will be protected against retaliation. Retaliation constitutes a breach of BIS rules, which should be reported through the above channels.

The Bank will not take any actions to determine the identity of anonymous whistleblowers.