Illustrative list of Central Bank Governance Group discussion topics

Updated 25 September 2023

Legal foundations and mandates of central banks

  • Challenges to central bank independence
  • Central bank mandates and climate-related risks
  • Building strategies for disengaging from exceptional policies

Central bank boards and senior officials

  • Meeting protocols for central bank policy boards
  • Appointment and dismissal mechanisms for the Governor
  • Role of the Governor

Scope and design of central bank responsibilities

  • Governance arrangements for interactions between price and financial stability
  • Central banks and digital finance regulation
  • Governance issues for cross-border payments

Transparency, accountability and external relations of central banks

  • Openness and central bank public engagement
  • Accountability mechanisms in the conduct of monetary policy
  • Interactions with governments

Central bank finances

Operations and management of central banks

  • Strategic planning
  • People strategies
  • Risk management practices