New York Innovation Center

The New York Innovation Center (NYIC) is a strategic partnership between the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

As a strategic partner, the New York Innovation Center (NYIC) works alongside the BIS Innovation Hub and the BIS in pursuit of common goals. The NYIC aims to:

  • Identify and develop insights on critical trends in financial technology relevant to central banks.
  • Explore the development of high-impact products and services, including public goods, to enhance the functioning of the global financial system.
  • Advance and support expertise in the area of central bank innovation.

This collaborative relationship leverages best practices, research, and subject matter expertise to support innovation in central banking.

The strategic partnership will let the BIS Innovation Hub benefit from the Federal Reserve's expertise in innovation, and allow us to contribute our own global perspective to the work of the New York Innovation Center. We look forward to collaborating on projects and exchanges with the New York Innovation Center.

Agustín Carstens, BIS General Manager

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