BIS Innovation Hub Centre – Hong Kong SAR

The BIS Innovation Hub Centre in Hong Kong SAR was established in 2019. Its current project focus areas are CBDC, open finance and green finance.

8 Apr 2021

Bénédicte Nolens, Head of BIS Innovation Hub Centre Hong Kong, gives an overview of the BIS Innovation Hub work programme with a focus on the projects conducted by the Hong Kong Centre.

Our centre

A city full of contrasts and surprises, Hong Kong buzzes with activity and is a constant source of inspiration, change and innovation. And as an international financial centre, Hong Kong plays a "hub" role itself - between east and west, for China and the world, for trade and for RMB internationalisation. On the 79th floor of the second tallest building in the city, the Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre overlooks the harbour. Set in this vibrant financial ecosystem, the Hub Centre plays its innovation role by collaborating closely with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, whose premises it shares.

Our team

Bénédicte Nolens (Centre Head), Anna Cheung (Administrative Officer), Daniel Eidan, Kit Yan Ho, Teresa Lin, Lucy Wong, Leanne Zhang (Advisers).

It has become abundantly clear that we are living through some of the largest changes in financial markets of our time. As a member of the BIS Innovation Hub, I'm confident in our ability to be significant drivers of these changes, ensuring the financial systems of tomorrow support the best interests and social welfare of the general public.

Daniel Eidan, Adviser

Our projects