BIS Innovation Hub Centre - Switzerland

The BIS Innovation Hub Centre in Switzerland was established in 2019. Its current project focus areas are CBDC, suptech and regtech.

Our projects

  • Rio: monitoring of fast-paced electronic markets
  • Helvetiademonstrates the functional feasibility and legal robustness of settling tokenised assets with a wholesale CBDC
  • Jura: explores cross-border settlement of tokenised assets between financial institutions in wholesale central bank digital currencies (wCBDCs) on a distributed ledger technology (DLT) enabled platform
  • Secure Coding Competition

About the Swiss Centre

Switzerland combines its traditional strengths of stability, security and trust with an openness to innovation. It was among the first countries to draft legal provisions on the use of distributed ledger technology, and has simplified the approval process for fintech startups. The Innovation Hub Swiss Centre, with offices in Basel and Zurich, is embedded in this dynamic and versatile ecosystem via its close partnership with the Swiss National Bank as well as collaboration with regulatory agencies, industry associations, private sector firms and market infrastructure providers.

I am excited to be part of the Innovation Hub and be able to shape this project from the beginning. Our interdisciplinary team is working on the technological frontier to process ultra-fast and large data, to extract meaningful insights on FX market conditions and developments in real time. We collaborate closely with IT providers as well as with financial market experts within the BIS, SNB and beyond.

Kerstin Kehrle, Adviser