Biographical note: René Larre (1915-99), former General Manager

René LarreRené Larre was General Manager of the BIS from May 1971 until 28 February 1981.

He was a Finance Inspector at the French Ministry of Finance (1942-81). He was also the chief of staff to the Secretary of State for the Budget (1955-56) and to the Minister of Finance (1957-58). Mr Larre was the chief financial counsellor at the French Embassy to the United States (1961-67), and the French executive director at the International Monetary Fund (1964-67). From 1967 to 1971, he was the head of the Treasury Department at the French Ministry for Finance and Economics, as well as a censor of the Bank of France. In 1970-71, he also represented France on the European Monetary Committee.

Mr Larre held a law degree from the École Libre des Sciences Politiques (now Sciences Po) in Paris.