Fostering innovation

Chapter 5 of the BIS's Annual Report 2022/23

The BIS Innovation Hub: exploring public goods

As the Innovation Hub entered its fourth year of operation, its project portfolio was reaching a "cruising altitude" with 21 ongoing and five concluded projects. It is gradually evolving into a more mature operation, with six fully operational Hub Centres, in Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Switzerland, London, Stockholm and Paris/ Frankfurt. The new Eurosystem Centre formally opened in the first quarter of 2023.

Cyber Resilience Coordination Centre

The BIS Cyber Resilience Coordination Centre (CRCC) helps to strengthen the collective cyber resilience of central banks by providing a structured approach to knowledge-sharing, collaboration and operational readiness. The CRCC carries out its mandate as one of the BIS's key entities to support the central bank community by delivering cyber resilience services in three main activity areas: knowledge-sharing, collaboration and operational readiness.