In-depth analysis and insights

Chapter 2 of the BIS's Annual Report 2022/23

Economic research and analysis

Our research and analysis are the result of the joint effort between various areas of the BIS. They are at the intersection of conceptual and empirical advances, on the one hand, and policymaking, on the other. Our researchers develop models and examine data on the macroeconomy and the financial system to provide insights that are highly topical and of direct relevance for policy. 

Statistical work and data analytics

The BIS international banking and financial statistics are compiled in cooperation with central banks, other national authorities and international organisations. They inform and support analysis of financial stability, international monetary spillovers and global liquidity. BIS research also makes use of the BIS Data Bank of key economic indicators shared among member central banks. This overall statistical offering has steadily expanded since the Great Financial Crisis, facilitating deeper analysis of the global financial system. 

Collaboration with central bank and academic researchers around the world 

Collaboration with central bank and academic researchers around the world stimulates broad dialogue on key policy questions. During the past year, the BIS welcomed 56 academics and central bank researchers under its various visitor programmes to conduct collaborative research on policy-related issues of relevance to the BIS.