The way we work

Chapter 6 of the BIS's Annual Report 2021/22

The way we work

Our people are central to the successful delivery of our mission. At the BIS, we work with a strong sense of mission and purpose, in an inclusive and dynamic work environment with sustainable and socially responsible work practices. Our work culture is grounded in four core values, which shape our way of working and the outcome of our work. It is our cohesive, purpose-driven culture that enables the BIS to support central banks through their current and future challenges.

Excellence in performance

The BIS has defined five behaviours and 15 underlying competencies which, when embraced by staff, allow us to live our values and make the Bank a performance-driven organisation. The competency framework lets us set common performance standards across the BIS and establishes a common language for processes, from recruitment to performance management, development and talent management, and staff recognition. This, in turn, results in greater consistency and transparency in our people-related processes, and a better ability to plan for future talent and skill needs in line with our Innovation BIS 2025 strategy. 

Meet our people

The BIS is a diverse global organisation with a truly international workforce. As of 31 March 2022, the Bank employed 629 staff members from 63 countries, excluding hosted associations. Its modest size encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing both inside and outside the institution.