The bank for central banks

Chapter 4 of the BIS's Annual Report 2020/21

Banking activities

As part of the Bank's Innovation BIS 2025 strategy, the BIS has enhanced its banking product development and reduced "time-to-market". This has included additions to the Bank's suite of green products and Chinese renminbi-denominated offerings; adding new facilities to ease client central banks' access to liquidity in key currencies; and enhancing its time zone coverage.

Scope of banking services

The BIS offers financial services to a global customer base of about 180 central banks, monetary authorities and international organisations. Operating from three interlinked dealing rooms in Basel, Hong Kong SAR and Mexico City, the Banking Department offers services on a near 24-hour basis to all our clients and maintains close contact with reserve managers and other counterparties across the globe.

Management of the Bank's own funds

The Bank's own funds strategy seeks to broaden the BIS's drivers of return by diversifying into a range of additional asset classes, while moderately increasing the risk-return profile.

Customer outreach

The BIS Banking Department maintains an active programme of regular, bilateral client meetings as well as a schedule of larger knowledge-sharing events.