Promoting international cooperation

Chapter 3 of the BIS's Annual Report 2020/21

A global forum for dialogue and cooperation

The BIS is committed to fostering international cooperation among central banks and financial supervisory authorities from around the world, with a view to supporting their efforts to ensure monetary and financial stability. We provide them with a forum for dialogue and cooperation, where they can freely exchange information, forge a common understanding and decide on common actions. 

High-level meetings of central bank Governors and financial supervisory authorities

The BIS convenes high-level meetings of central bank Governors and financial supervisory authorities to enable dialogue and knowledge-sharing. These meetings are coordinated at a global level in Basel and complemented by regional discussions through the Bank's Representative Offices for Asia-Pacific and the Americas. 

Financial Stability Institute

The Financial Stability Institute plays a key role in the BIS's efforts to foster international cooperation in the area of financial stability. Its mandate is to support central banks and other financial authorities in the implementation of global regulatory standards and sound supervisory practices. 

Representative Offices

The BIS has two Representative Offices: one for Asia and the Pacific, located in Hong Kong SAR, and one for the Americas, located in Mexico City. They serve as centres for BIS activities in those regions, strengthening relationships and promoting cooperation between the BIS and central banks and supervisory authorities. 

International groups at the BIS

The BIS hosts nine international groups engaged in standard setting and the pursuit of financial stability. The BIS supports their work by contributing its expertise in economic research and statistics, its practical experience in banking and its knowledge in regulatory and supervisory issues.