About BIS email alert

The BIS email alert is a free email notification service. You can register here (see box on the right) to receive email alerts whenever relevant new information is published on the BIS website. Email alerts delivered to you will contain direct links to documents you have specified you are interested in, along with some contextual information about where your search topic appears.

Frequently asked questions about BIS email alert

I've selected a category, but don't seem to be getting everything I thought I would. Why is that?

If you have chosen a category, for example "Basel Committee" or "CGFS" or "CPSS", you may not get the press releases of those committees unless you specifically select the "Press Releases" category as well.

How fast should I receive my email alerts?

You can choose from three delivery options: "as published", "daily" or "weekly". If you select "as published", you should receive notification within an hour of the new information appearing on the BIS website. If you select "daily" or "weekly", you can choose what time you would like the alerts to be delivered.

How do I temporarily stop receiving email alerts?

From the "Summary and Confirmation" page, check the "deactivate" boxes next to your search topics. When you want to start receiving alerts again, uncheck these boxes. Another option is to change your delivery option to "weekly", so you don't receive alerts so frequently.

See also BIS email alert help note (PDF, 6 pages 116 kb)

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