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Updated 19 April 2017

Real residential property prices continued to recover rapidly in advanced economies in the third quarter, but the picture in the emerging market economies was more mixed.

In April 2017:

The BIS released new commercial and residential property price series for Saudi Arabia.

In February 2017:

  • The BIS released new commercial property price series for Brazil and Iceland, and published residential property price series for Serbia for the first time.
  • The BIS started to publish aggregate time series on residential property price developments of the Advanced and Emerging market economies in the selected residential property price data set.
  • Additional historical data were added to the long residential property price series of: Italy, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom.

Changes in the property price data sets

The residential and commercial property price statistics collate data from different countries. With the assistance of its member central banks, the BIS has obtained approval from various national data providers to disseminate these statistics, so long as the original national sources are clearly indicated.

Our data

BIS property price statistics include four data sets:

  • Detailed data set
    Contains nominal residential property prices for 60 countries. For each country, several original series are available at different frequencies. The data differ significantly from country to country - eg in terms of type of property, area covered, property vintage, priced unit, compilation method and seasonal adjustment.
  • Selected series (nominal and real)
    Contain data for 59 countries at a quarterly frequency (real series are the nominal price series deflated by the consumer price index), both in levels and in growth rates (ie four series per country). These indicators have been selected from the detailed data set to facilitate access for users and enhance comparability. The BIS has made the selection based on the Handbook on Residential Property Prices and the experience and metadata of central banks. An analysis based on these selected indicators is also released on a quarterly basis, with a particular focus on longer-term developments in the May release.
  • Long series
    Provide nominal residential property prices compiled by the BIS for 18 advanced economies at a quarterly frequency starting in 1970, or for a few countries even earlier. In February 2015, five emerging market economies were added to the data set. A single series is available for each country.
  • Commercial property price series
    Contains nominal commercial property prices for 15 countries at various frequencies. The BIS aims to expand substantially the country coverage in the coming years. The data differ significantly from country to country - eg in terms of type of property, area covered and compilation method. 

Sources - including any relevant disclaimers - are listed separately. Any use of the series shall be cited as follows: "Sources: National sources, BIS property price database."

Research and analysis

In the September 2016 issue of the BIS Quarterly Review, "Recent Enhancements to BIS Statistics" presents the main characteristics of the commercial property price series published by the BIS. 

"Residential property price statistics across the globe", in the September 2014 BIS Quarterly Review, covers diversity in the characteristics of house price statistics, the BIS property price statistics and house prices as an input to economic analysis..

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Publication dates

The detailed residential property price and commercial property price data sets are updated monthly, while the selected and long residential property price series are updated quarterly.

View our release calendar for advance notice of publication dates.


For queries regarding property price statistics, please write to property.prices$bis.org (where "$" denotes "@").