Forthcoming events

  • 30-31 August 2018: 9th biennial IFC Conference at the BIS in Basel

Past events


  • 14-21 July 2017, Marrakech, Morocco:
    • Bank Al-Maghrib-CEMLA-IFC Satellite Seminar on Financial Inclusion (14 July - website, programme);
    • IFC sponsored sessions at 61st World Statistics Congress - ISI2017 (16-21 July - Flyer).
      The IFC will sponsor 6 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS), 3 Special Topic Sessions (STS), 1 lunch roundtable discussion (LRTD) and 1 IFC-ISI lunch time event:
      • IPS021 "Enhancing statistical cooperation between national central banks and statistical offices" (18 July)
      • IPS022 "Statistical challenges for African central banks" (17 July)
      • IPS023 "Sentiment surveys for economic policy analysis: evolving uses and methods" (17 July)
      • IPS024 "Official statistics in the age of big data" (18 July)
      • IPS025 "Dimensions of data sharing" (18 July)
      • IPS026 "Role of statistics for evidence-based decision making" (17 July)
      • STS001"Addressing the challenges posed by external statistics" (17 July)
      • STS003 "New prospects for the compilation of sectoral financial accounts" (17 July)
      • STS090 "The use of leading indicators to anticipate economic activity" (18 July)
      • LRTD019 "The importance of financial literacy and inclusion for the conduct of central bank policies" (17 July)
      • IFC-ISI Lunch time event "Central Banks and Statistical Offices - Partnership in sharing data for good statistics" (18 July)
  • 18-19 May 2017: IFC-NBB Workshop on "Data needs and statistics compilation for macroprudential analysis", co-organised with the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels - programme
  • 20-24 March 2017, Bali, Indonesia:
    • Regional Seminar for Asian Countries on "Recent Developments in Central Bank Statistics", co-organised by BIS, Bank Indonesia and the ECB (20-21 March - programme);
    • IFC Satellite Seminar on Big Data (21 March - programme);
    • IFC's contribution to the Regional Statistics Conference - ISI RSC 2017 (21-24 March) of the International Statistical Institute (ISI): The IFC sponsored 4 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS):
      • IPS-06 "Financial Inclusion" (22 March)
      • IPS-09 "Sectoral Financial Accounts for Monetary Policy Making" (22 March)
      • IPS-13 "Payment System Data and leading indicators" (23 March)
      • IPS-23 "Enhancement in Monetary and Financial Statistics in the post Great Financial Crisis" (23 March)

Previous years