Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics events

Forthcoming events

  • 8-9 September 2016: 8th IFC Conference at the BIS in Basel.

  • 26 September 2016: IFC-ECCBSO-CBRT Conference on the Uses of Central Balance Sheet Data Offices' information (Izmir, Turkey) - Call for papers

  • Feb/March 2017 (tbc): IFC-NBB Workshop (Belgium)

  • 21-24 March 2017: IFC Satellite Seminar on Big Data and IFC sponsored sessions at ISI RSC (Bali, Indonesia)

  • 15-21 July 2017: IFC Satellite Seminar on Financial Inclusion and IFC sponsored sessions at 61th ISI WSC (Marrakech, Morocco) - Flyer

Past events


20-21 January 2016: Regional Workshop on "Developing and Improving Sectoral Financial Accounts" at Bank of Algeria in Algiers: programme


  • 14-15 December 2015: IFC Workshop on "Combining micro and macro statistical data for financial stability analysis", co-organised with the Central Bank of Poland in Warsaw: programme. The proceedings of the workshop were published in the IFC Bulletin No 41.

  • 24 July 2015: IFC Satellite meeting in cooperation with the Central Bank of Brazil and the Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA) on "Assessing international capital flows after the crisis", in Rio de Janeiro: programme

  • 26-31 July 2015: IFC's contribution to the 60th World Statistics Congress - ISI2015 of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), in Rio de Janeiro. The IFC will sponsor 3 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) and 2 Special Topic Sessions (STS):

    • IPS 089 "Central Bank Sources and Uses of Derivative Statistics"
    • IPS 090 "Improving government debt statistics"
    • IPS 091 "The use of surveys by central banks"
    • STS 008 "Developing and Improving Sectoral Accounts"
    • STS 010 "Micro data for multipurpose data provision"

Previous years