Forthcoming events

  • 30-31 August 2018: 9th biennial IFC Conference at the BIS in Basel

  • 14-21 July 2017, Marrakech, Morocco:
    • Bank Al-Maghrib-CEMLA-IFC Satellite Seminar on Financial Inclusion (14 July - website, draft programme);
    • IFC sponsored sessions at 61st World Statistics Congress - ISI2017 (16-21 July - Flyer).
      The IFC will sponsor 6 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS), 3 Special Topic Sessions (STS), 1 lunch roundtable discussion (LRTD) and 1 IFC-ISI lunch time event:
      • IPS021 "Enhancing statistical cooperation between national central banks and statistical offices" (18 July)
      • IPS022 "Statistical challenges for African central banks" (17 July)
      • IPS023 "Sentiment surveys for economic policy analysis: evolving uses and methods" (17 July)
      • IPS024 "Official statistics in the age of big data" (18 July)
      • IPS025 "Dimensions of data sharing" (18 July)
      • IPS026 "Role of statistics for evidence-based decision making" (17 July)
      • STS001"Addressing the challenges posed by external statistics" (17 July)
      • STS003 "New prospects for the compilation of sectoral financial accounts" (17 July)
      • STS090 "The use of leading indicators to anticipate economic activity" (18 July)
      • LRTD019 "The importance of financial literacy and inclusion for the conduct of central bank policies" (17 July)
      • IFC-ISI Lunch time event "Central Banks and Statistical Offices - Partnership in sharing data for good statistics" (18 July)

Past events


  • 18-19 May 2017: IFC-NBB Workshop on "Data needs and statistics compilation for macroprudential analysis", co-organised with the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels - programme
  • 20-24 March 2017, Bali, Indonesia:
    • Regional Seminar for Asian Countries on "Recent Developments in Central Bank Statistics", co-organised by BIS, Bank Indonesia and the ECB (20-21 March - programme);
    • IFC Satellite Seminar on Big Data (21 March - programme);
    • IFC's contribution to the Regional Statistics Conference - ISI RSC 2017 (21-24 March) of the International Statistical Institute (ISI): The IFC sponsored 4 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS):
      • IPS-06 "Financial Inclusion" (22 March)
      • IPS-09 "Sectoral Financial Accounts for Monetary Policy Making" (22 March)
      • IPS-13 "Payment System Data and leading indicators" (23 March)
      • IPS-23 "Enhancement in Monetary and Financial Statistics in the post Great Financial Crisis" (23 March)


  • 26 September 2016: IFC-ECCBSO-CBRT Conference on the Uses of Central Balance Sheet Data Offices' information (Izmir, Turkey) - programme
  • 8-9 September 2016: 8th IFC Conference at the BIS in Basel - programme. The proceedings of the conference were published in the IFC Bulletin No 43. Teh Tian Huey and Daniel Chin Shen Li (Bank Negara Malaysia) received the IFC award for the best paper presented by a young statistician "Measuring bank risk-taking behaviour: The risk-taking channel of Monetary Policy in Malaysia".‎ (photo)
  • 20-21 January 2016: Regional Workshop on "Developing and Improving Sectoral Financial Accounts" at Bank of Algeria in Algiers: programme

Previous years