Guidelines for reporting the BIS international banking statistics

Last update 14 March 2014

The Guidelines provide compilers in reporting countries with definitions and requirements for the reporting of data. They facilitate the compilation of national data in a consistent and comparable way. The March 2013 version of the Guidelines incorporates the decisions of the Committee on the Global Financial System to collect new data in two stages over the 2012-14 period. It replaces the previous two separate Guidelines for locational and consolidated banking statistics.

Full text of the Guidelines (PDF, 77 pages, 315 kb)
Table of contents
Introduction (PDF, 6 pages, 80 kb)
Reporting requirements for the locational banking statistics (PDF, 12 pages, 92 kb)
Reporting requirements for the consolidated banking statistics (PDF, 14 pages, 108 kb)
Reporting conventions that apply to both the locational and consolidated banking statistics (PDF, 3 pages, 59 kb)
Frequently asked questions and examples for reporting specific transactions (PDF, 15 pages, 88 kb)
Glossary of terms used in locational and consolidated banking statistics (PDF, 11 pages, 71 kb)
List of international organisations (XLS, 51 kb)
List of central banks (XLS, 69 kb)


Previous guidelines for reporting the international banking statistics excluding Stage 1 and 2 enhancements:

Reporting authorities are encouraged to submit the international banking statistics to the BIS using the SDMX standard. The technical guidelines below provide practical information on how to submit the banking statistics to the BIS.

Codes for submitting the banking statistics are provided in the data structure definitions, which are explained in the PDFs below. Templates in Excel format are available to help visualise the data structure and, for those reporting authorities that are unable to create SDMX files directly from their system, to report data to the BIS.

Summaries of checks performed by the BIS to confirm the consistency of reported data are provided below. Reporting authorities are encouraged to implement these checks in their own systems.

  SDMX technical
Data structure Data template Data checks Mapping file
Locational banking statistics PDF (20 pages, 517 kb) PDF (26 pages, 158 kb)   XLS (61 kb)  
  by residence     XLS (5,342 kb)    XLS (10,932 kb)
  by nationality     XLS (23,757 kb)
* see below
   XLS (4,262 kb)
Consolidated banking statistics PDF (20 pages, 517 kb) PDF (15 pages, 64 kb) XLS (19,239 kb) XLS (55 kb)   XLS (96 kb)

* Visualisation template only; not for use for reporting. For reporting, authorities should contact the BIS to request a customised template.

The mapping files above show corresponding codes for different data structures: