Revisions to the Basel Securitisation Framework - consultative document

December 2012

The performance of securitisation exposures and the central role they played during the recent financial crisis were a key motivation for the Basel Committee to perform a broader review of its securitisation framework for regulatory capital requirements. The Committee's objectives are to make capital requirements more prudent and risk-sensitive; to mitigate mechanistic reliance on external credit ratings; and to reduce current cliff effects in capital requirements.

The major elements of the proposed revised framework include the following:

In the coming months, the Committee will conduct a quantitative impact study (QIS) on the proposals. Responses to the public consultation, together with the QIS results, will be considered as the Committee moves forward to revise the securitisation framework.

Comments on the proposals should be submitted by Friday 15 March 2013 by e-mail to: Alternatively, comments may be sent by post to: Secretariat of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Bank for International Settlements, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland. All comments may be published on the website of the Bank for International Settlements unless a comment contributor specifically requests confidential treatment.