Working Papers - last 12 months

BIS Working Papers are written by economists from the BIS and, occasionally, from central banks or academic institutions. Some of these papers have been presented at BIS meetings or at events organised by other organisations. The views expressed in them are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the BIS.

Date Titles
Oct 2015
No 515

The impact of CCPs' margin policies on repo markets

by Arianna Miglietta, Cristina Picillo and Mario Pietrunti

Oct 2015
No 514

The influence of monetary policy on bank profitability

by Claudio Borio, Leonardo Gambacorta and Boris Hofmann

Oct 2015
No 513

The determinants of long-term debt issuance by European banks: evidence of two crises

by Adrian Van Rixtel, Luna Romo González and Jing Yang

Oct 2015
No 512

International reserves and gross capital flow dynamics

by Enrique Alberola-Ila, Aitor Erce and José María Serena

Sep 2015
No 511

Higher bank capital requirements and mortgage pricing: evidence from the Countercyclical Capital Buffer (CCB)

by Christoph Basten and Catherine Koch

Aug 2015
No 510

Global dollar credit and carry trades: a firm-level analysis

by Valentina Bruno and Hyun Song Shin

Aug 2015
No 509

Investor redemptions and fund manager sales of emerging market bonds: how are they related?

by Jimmy Shek, Ilhyock Shim and Hyun Song Shin

Aug 2015
No 508

Bond markets and monetary policy dilemmas for the emerging markets

by Jhuvesh Sobrun and Philip Turner

Jul 2015
No 507

Macroeconomic Effects of Banking Sector Losses across Structural Models

by Luca Guerrieri, Matteo Iacoviello, Francisco Covas, John C. Driscoll, Mohammad Jahan-Parvar, Michael Kiley, Albert Queralto and Jae Sim

Jul 2015
No 506

Macroprudential Policies in a Commodity Exporting Economy

by Andrés González, Franz Hamann and Diego Rodríguez

Jul 2015
No 505

Phases of global liquidity, fundamentals news, and the design of macroprudential policy

by Javier Bianchi and Enrique G Mendoza

Jul 2015
No 504

Credit and macroprudential policy in an emerging economy: a structural model assessment

by Horacio A Aguirre and Emilio F Blanco

Jul 2015
No 503

Inflation targeting and financial stability: providing policymakers with relevant information

by Anders Vredin

Jun 2015
No 502

Comparative assessment of macroprudential policies

by Valentina Bruno, Ilhyock Shim and Hyun Song Shin

May 2015
No 501

Leverage dynamics and the real burden of debt

by Mikael Juselius and Mathias Drehmann

Apr 2015
No 500

Prolonged reserves accumulation, credit booms, asset prices and monetary policy in Asia

by Andrew Filardo and Pierre Siklos

Mar 2015
No 499

Foreign exchange intervention: strategies and effectiveness

by Nuttathum Chutasripanich and James Yetman

Mar 2015
No 498

Liquidity Squeeze, Abundant Funding and Macroeconomic Volatility

by Enisse Kharroubi

Mar 2015
No 497

Global Asset Allocation Shifts

by Tim A Kroencke, Maik Schmeling and Andreas Schrimpf

Mar 2015
No 496

When is macroprudential policy effective?

by Chris McDonald

Mar 2015
No 495

The transmission of monetary policy in EMEs in a changing financial environment: a longitudinal analysis

by Emanuel Kohlscheen and Ken Miyajima

Mar 2015
No 494

Financial crisis, US unconventional monetary policy and international spillovers

by Qianying Chen, Andrew Filardo, Dong He and Feng Zhu

Mar 2015
No 493

Why do we need both liquidity regulations and a lender of last resort? A perspective from Federal Reserve lending during the 2007-09 US financial crisis

by Mark A Carlson, Burcu Duygan-Bump and William Nelson

Feb 2015
No 492

Assessing the CNH-CNY pricing differential: role of fundamentals, contagion and policy

by Michael Funke, Chang Shu, Xiaoqiang Cheng and Sercan Eraslan

Feb 2015
No 491

A dynamic network model of the unsecured interbank lending market

by Francisco Blasques, Falk Bräuning and Iman van Lelyveld

Feb 2015
No 490

Why does financial sector growth crowd out real economic growth?

by Stephen G Cecchetti and Enisse Kharroubi

Feb 2015
No 489

Liquidity and growth: the role of counter-cyclical interest rates

by Philippe Aghion, Emmanuel Farhi and Enisse Kharroubi

Feb 2015
No 488

Bank competition and credit booms

by Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul

Feb 2015
No 487

The biofuel connection: impact of US regulation on oil and food prices

by Fernando Avalos and Marco Jacopo Lombardi

Feb 2015
No 486

Why did bank lending rates diverge from policy rates after the financial crisis?

by Anamaria Illes, Marco Jacopo Lombardi and Paul Mizen

Feb 2015
No 485

Can demography affect inflation and monetary policy?

by Mikael Juselius and Előd Takáts

Jan 2015
No 484

Bank capital shock propagation via syndicated interconnectedness

by Makoto Nirei, Julián Caballero and Vladyslav Sushko

Jan 2015
No 483

Global dollar credit: links to US monetary policy and leverage

by Robert Neil McCauley, Patrick McGuire and Vladyslav Sushko

Jan 2015
No 482

Secular stagnation, debt overhang and other rationales for sluggish growth, six years on

by Stephanie Lo and Kenneth Rogoff

Jan 2015
No 481

Credit booms: implications for the public and the private sector

by Tano Santos

Jan 2015
No 480

Trilemmas and trade-offs: living with financial globalisation

by Maurice Obstfeld

Jan 2015
No 479

Understanding the role of debt in the financial system

by Bengt Holmstrom

Dec 2014
No 478

Spillovers of US unconventional monetary policy to Asia: the role of long-term interest rates

by Ken Miyajima, Madhusudan Mohanty and James Yetman

Dec 2014
No 477

Has the transmission of policy rates to lending rates been impaired by the Global Financial Crisis?

by Leonardo Gambacorta, Anamaria Illes and Marco Jacopo Lombardi

Dec 2014
No 476

Financial inclusion and optimal monetary policy

by Aaron Mehrotra and James Yetman