Working Papers - last 12 months

BIS Working Papers are written by economists from the BIS and, occasionally, from central banks or academic institutions. Some of these papers have been presented at BIS meetings or at events organised by other organisations. The views expressed in them are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the BIS.

Date Titles
Apr 2014
No 447

Trade linkages and the globalisation of inflation in Asia and the Pacific

by Raphael Auer and Aaron Mehrotra

Apr 2014
No 446

One currency, two markets: the renminbi's growing influence in Asia-Pacific

by Chang Shu, Dong He and Xiaoqiang Cheng

Mar 2014
No 445

Foreign exchange intervention and the banking system balance sheet in emerging market economies

by Blaise Gadanecz, Aaron Mehrotra and Madhusudan Mohanty

Mar 2014
No 444

Reforming the international monetary system in the 1970s and 2000s: would an SDR substitution account have worked?

by Robert N McCauley and Catherine R Schenk

Mar 2014
No 443

Banks and capital requirements: channels of adjustment

by Benjamin Cohen and Michela Scatigna

Feb 2014
No 442

A parsimonious approach to incorporating economic information in measures of potential output

by Claudio Borio, Piti Disyatat and Mikael Juselius

Feb 2014
No 441

The global long-term interest rate, financial risks and policy choices in EMEs

by Philip Turner

Jan 2014
No 440

Monetary policy and financial stability: what role in prevention and recovery?

by Claudio Borio

Jan 2014
No 439

On the economics of committed liquidity facilities

by Morten Bech and Todd Keister

Dec 2013
No 438

Asia's decoupling: fact, forecast or fiction?

by Lillie Lam and James Yetman

Dec 2013
No 437

International monetary policy coordination: past, present and future

by John B Taylor

Dec 2013
No 436

Global spillovers and domestic monetary policy

by Menzie D Chinn

Dec 2013
No 435

Is monetary policy overburdened?

by Athanasios Orphanides

Dec 2013
No 434

Cyclical macroeconomic policy, financial regulation and economic growth

by Philippe Aghion and Enisse Kharroubi

Nov 2013
No 433

Can non-interest rate policies stabilise housing markets? Evidence from a panel of 57 economies

by Kenneth N Kuttner and Ilhyock Shim

Oct 2013
No 432

Liquidity regulation and the implementation of monetary policy

by Morten Bech and Todd Keister

Oct 2013
No 431

Transmitting global liquidity to East Asia: policy rates, bond yields, currencies and dollar credit

by Dong He and Robert N McCauley

Sep 2013
No 430

Asymmetric effects of FOREX intervention using intraday data: evidence from Peru

by Erick Lahura and Marco Vega

Sep 2013
No 429

On central bank interventions in the Mexican peso/dollar foreign exchange market

by Santiago García-Verdú and Miguel Zerecero

Sep 2013
No 428

The impact of pre-announced day-to-day interventions on the Colombian exchange rate

by Juan José Echavarría, Luis Fernando Melo, Santiago Téllez and Mauricio Villamizar

Sep 2013
No 427

Interventions and inflation expectations in an inflation targeting economy

by Pablo Pincheira

Sep 2013
No 426

Order flow and the real: indirect evidence of the effectiveness of sterilized interventions

by Emanuel Kohlscheen

Sep 2013
No 425

The response of tail risk perceptions to unconventional monetary policy

by Masazumi Hattori, Andreas Schrimpf and Vladyslav Sushko

Sep 2013
No 424

Global and euro imbalances: China and Germany

by Guonan Ma and Robert N McCauley

Sep 2013
No 423

Intraday dynamics of euro area sovereign CDS and bonds

by Jacob Gyntelberg, Peter Hördahl, Kristyna Ters and Jörg Urban

Aug 2013
No 422

Measuring bank competition in China: a comparison of new versus conventional approaches applied to loan markets

by Bing Xu, Adrian Van Rixtel and Michiel van Leuvensteijn

Aug 2013
No 421

Evaluating early warning indicators of banking crises: Satisfying policy requirements

by Mathias Drehmann and Mikael Juselius

Jul 2013
No 420

On the correlation between commodity and equity returns: implications for portfolio allocation

by Marco Jacopo Lombardi and Francesco Ravazzolo

Jul 2013
No 419

Caveat creditor

by Philip Turner

Jul 2013
No 418

Should monetary policy lean against the wind? - an analysis based on a DSGE model with banking

by Leonardo Gambacorta and Federico M Signoretti

Jul 2013
No 417

Relationship and Transaction Lending in a Crisis

by Patrick Bolton, Xavier Freixas, Leonardo Gambacorta and Paolo Emilio Mistrulli

Jul 2013
No 416

Credit and growth after financial crises

by Előd Takáts and Christian Upper

Jun 2013
No 415

The interest rate effects of government debt maturity

by Jagjit S Chadha, Philip Turner and Fabrizio Zampolli

Jun 2013
No 414

Foreign exchange intervention and expectation in emerging economies

by Ken Miyajima

May 2013
No 413

The 2011 FDIC assessment on banks managed liabilities: interest rate and balance-sheet responses

by Lawrence L Kreicher, Robert N McCauley and Patrick McGuire

Apr 2013
No 412

Structural bank regulation initiatives: approaches and implications

by Leonardo Gambacorta and Adrian Van Rixtel

Apr 2013
No 411

Financial sector ups and downs and the real sector in the open economy: Up by the stairs, down by the parachute

by Joshua Aizenman, Brian Pinto and Vladyslav Sushko

Apr 2013
No 410

Is China or India more financially open?

by Guonan Ma and Robert N McCauley