BIS research papers

Date Titles
21 Oct 2014

When firms and industries matter: understanding the sources of productivity growth

15 Oct 2014

Recovery of financial market infrastructures - final report

10 Oct 2014

Corporate governance principles for banks - consultative document

Open for consultation until 9 January 2015.

08 Oct 2014

The redistributive effects of financial deregulation: wall street versus main street

08 Oct 2014

Managing Default Risk

07 Oct 2014

Frequently asked questions on the Basel III leverage ratio framework

06 Oct 2014

Review of the Principles for the Sound Management of Operational Risk

06 Oct 2014

Operational risk - Revisions to the simpler approaches - consultative document

Open for consultation until 6 January 2015.

06 Oct 2014

Benchmark tipping in the global bond market

03 Oct 2014

Seventh progress report on adoption of the Basel regulatory framework

03 Oct 2014

Regulatory reform of over-the-counter derivatives: an assessment of incentives to clear centrally

This paper analyses whether the post-crisis regulatory reforms developed by global standard-setting bodies create appropriate incentives for different types of market participants to centrally clear OTC derivatives contracts.

30 Sep 2014

Statistics on payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPMI countries - Figures for 2013 - preliminary release

25 Sep 2014

Developing an underlying inflation gauge for China

25 Sep 2014

Decaying expectations: what inflation forecasts tell us about the anchoring of inflation expectations

15 Sep 2014

Re-thinking the lender of last resort

BIS Papers No 79

14 Sep 2014

BIS Quarterly Review, September 2014

11 Sep 2014

Basel III Monitoring Report as of 31 December 2013

10 Sep 2014

Monetary analysis and the global financial cycle: an Asian central bank perspective

09 Sep 2014

Analysis of the trading book hypothetical portfolio exercise

09 Sep 2014

Developments in collateral management services

09 Sep 2014

Non-banks in retail payments

09 Sep 2014

The effects of intraday foreign exchange market operations in Latin America: results for Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

09 Sep 2014

A policy model to analyze macroprudential regulations and monetary policy

09 Sep 2014

Traditional and matter-of-fact financial frictions in a DSGE model for Brazil: the role of macroprudential instruments and monetary policy

08 Sep 2014

Spillovers, capital flows and prudential regulation in small open economies