BIS research papers

Date Titles
05 Feb 2016

Clearing of deliverable FX instruments

04 Feb 2016

General guide to account opening

02 Feb 2016

What drives inflation expectations in Brazil? Public versus private information

01 Feb 2016

Fiscal policy and the cycle in Latin America: the role of financing conditions and fiscal rules

01 Feb 2016

Bank standalone credit ratings

26 Jan 2016

How do global investors differentiate between sovereign risks? The new normal versus the old

22 Jan 2016

Self-oriented monetary policy, global financial markets and excess volatility of international capital flows

22 Jan 2016

International trade finance and the cost channel of monetary policy in open economies

21 Jan 2016

Fixed income market liquidity

Report submitted by a Study Group established by the Committee on the Global Financial System.

21 Jan 2016

Electronic trading in fixed income markets

Report submitted by a Study Group established by the Markets Committee.

18 Jan 2016

Sovereign yields and the risk-taking channel of currency appreciation

18 Jan 2016

Exchange rates and monetary spillovers

14 Jan 2016

Is macroprudential policy instrument blunt?

14 Jan 2016

Interbank networks in the national banking era: their purpose and their role in the panic of 1893

14 Jan 2016

Minimum capital requirements for market risk

French and Spanish translations will follow soon

05 Jan 2016

Labour reallocation and productivity dynamics: financial causes, real consequences

31 Dec 2015

Statistics on payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPMI countries - Figures for 2014

24 Dec 2015

Managing price and financial stability objectives - what can we learn from the Asia-Pacific region?

23 Dec 2015

The "four lines of defence model" for financial institutions

The "four lines of defence model" for financial institutions - Occasional Paper No 11, December 2015

21 Dec 2015

Guidance on the application of the Core principles for effective banking supervision to the regulation and supervision of institutions relevant to financial inclusion

Open for consultation until Thursday 31 March 2016

18 Dec 2015

Guidance on credit risk and accounting for expected credit losses

17 Dec 2015

Harmonisation of the Unique Product Identifier - consultative report

17 Dec 2015

Implementation monitoring of PFMI: Level 2 assessment report for Australia

17 Dec 2015

Identification and measurement of step-in risk - consultative document

Open for consultation until Thursday 17 March 2016

16 Dec 2015

Progress in adopting the Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting