Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics

The Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics (IFC) is a forum of central bank economists and statisticians, as well as others who want to participate in discussing statistical issues of interest to central banks. The IFC is established and governed by the international central banking community and operates under the auspices of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). It is associated with the International Statistical Institute (ISI).

The IFC has adopted the name of Irving Fisher, an internationally renowned economist and statistician, for his work on economic measurement and many other topics related to monetary and financial stability of interest to central banks. His wide-ranging contributions to economics and statistics and his multi-disciplinary approach serve as an example for the IFC's objectives and activities.

Latest news 

  • June 2014: IFC Flyer
  • The 7th IFC Conference on "Indicators to support monetary and financial stability analysis: data sources and statistical methodologies" at the BIS in Basel on 4 and 5 September 2014: Conference agenda. Individual papers to follow soon. The proceedings of the conference will be published in the next IFC Bulletin number (e-publication only).
  • Opening remarks by Hervé Hannoun.
  • On this occasion Zlatina Balabanova (European Central Bank) and Ruben Peter van der Helm (Netherlands Bank) received the IFC award for the best paper presented by a young statistician for their study on "Enhancing Euro Area Capital Stock Estimates". (photo)

  • Regional Workshops on Developing and Improving Sectoral Financial Accounts:
    • 11-12 February 2015 at Bank of Algeria in Algiers
  • IFC Satellite seminar at the ISI Asian Regional Statistics Conference in Kuala Lumpur on 15 November 2014. Seminar title: "Is the household sector in Asia overleveraged: what do the data say?" (For further information: ISI-RSC 2014  > IFC Satellite Seminar)

  • IFC-sponsored sessions at the ISI Regional Statistics Conference 2014 (ISI-RSC 2014) in Kuala Lumpur between 16-19 November 2014. Conference theme: "Statistical Science for a Better Tomorrow".

  • February 2014: 2013 IFC Annual Report
  • In August 2013, the IFC became an affiliated member of the ISI. A Memorandum of Understanding between ISI and IFC was signed during the ISI World Statistics Congress in Hong Kong by ISI President Jae C Lee and IFC Chairperson Muhammed bin Ibrahim.