Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics

The Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics (IFC) is a forum of central bank economists and statisticians, as well as others who want to participate in discussing statistical issues of interest to central banks. The IFC is established and governed by the international central banking community and operates under the auspices of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). It is associated with the International Statistical Institute (ISI).

8-9 September 2016: The 8th IFC Conference will take place at the BIS in Basel.

October 2015: The IFC report on central banks' use of and interest in "big data" was published by the IFC. It builds on the results of the 2015 IFC survey on central banks on the use of and interest in "big data".

October 2015: The reference document on "Consolidation and corporate groups: an overview of methodological and practical issues" was published by the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics (IAG). It builds on the workshop organised in 2011 by the IAG and the IFC on "Residency/local and nationality/global views of financial positions".

The proceedings of the 7th IFC Conference on "Indicators to support monetary and financial stability analysis: data sources and statistical methodologies" at the BIS in Basel on 4 and 5 September 2014 were published in the IFC Bulletin No 39 (e-publication only).

The proceedings of the IFC Sasana workshop on Financial inclusion indicators at the Bank Negara Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on 5-6 November 2012 were published in the IFC Bulletin No 38 (e-publication only).

On 12 January 2015 the BIS All Governors' meeting approved the publication of both the 2014 IFC Annual Report and the "IFC report on data-sharing: issues and good practices".

On 10 November 2014 the BIS All Governors' meeting endorsed the decision to appoint Turalay Kenç as Chair of the IFC as from the 1 January 2015 and for a three-year term.

Post-graduate programme on statistical systems - specialization in Central Banks' statistics
organised jointly by the Bank of Portugal and the NOVA School of Statistics and Information Management of the NOVA University of Lisbon. The programme is supported by the European Central Bank and the IFC (for more information: flyer).


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