FSI programme and events

FSI 2016 programme

The mandate of the FSI is to assist supervisors worldwide in improving and strengthening their financial systems. The FSI delivers on its mandate by disseminating global financial standards and helping to ensure that they are understood within the financial supervisory community. This work is mainly conducted through: (i) conferences, meetings, seminars and webinars ("FSI events"); and (ii) FSI Connect, the BIS's web-based learning tool and information resource for financial sector supervisors. The 2016 Programme describes the FSI's planned activities for the year which will continue to focus on the dissemination of the post-crisis financial regulatory reforms.

FSI events

The FSI offers an extensive programme of conferences, high-level meetings, policy and implementation meetings, seminars and webinars. More than 45 events are held annually in Switzerland and around the world. Central banks and other financial sector supervisory authorities are invited to nominate members of their staff to attend these events according to the process described on pages 4-5 of the 2016 FSI Programme.

  • Conferences, high-level meetings and policy and implementation meetings are designed for heads of supervision and senior supervisors from financial sector supervisory authorities.
  • Global seminars in Switzerland provide opportunities for supervisors from around the world to learn about, and exchange views on, leading topics related to financial sector supervision and regulation.
  • Regional seminars are organised jointly by the FSI and regional supervisory groups in various locations around the world. The topics for each seminar are chosen by the regional groups in consultation with the FSI.
  • Webinars are structured to make the best use of the latest technology to provide up-to-date information on recent developments in financial sector supervision.