Updated 17 October 2016

The Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) provides this glossary of payments and market infrastructure terminology as a reference to the standard terms and definitions used in connection with payment, clearing, settlement and related arrangements. Current definitions are now shown alongside the previous ones. You can generate a PDF version of the glossary here.

participant link (between CCPs)

A type of CCP-CCP link in which a CCP is a participant in another CCP (the host CCP) and is subject to the host CCP's normal participant rules. In such cases, the host CCP maintains an account for the participant CCP and would typically require the participant CCP to provide margin, as would be the case for a participant that is not a CCP. See peer-to-peer link.

Updated: 16 Jun 2015

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 Additional terms that are not included in the main glossary can be found in the previous version of the glossary.