Assessing consistency of implementation of Basel III standards

The assessment module complements the monitoring module on the adoption of Basel III regulatory standards. Assessments review the extent to which domestic Basel III regulations in each member jurisdiction are aligned with the minimum regulatory standards agreed on by the Committee. The assessments examine the consistency and completeness of the adopted standards including the prudential significance of any deviations in the regulatory framework. To ensure that the internationally active segment of the domestic banking system is in line with the letter and spirit of the relevant Basel standards, the assessments highlight the current and potential impact on the overall regulatory environment. This provides transparency to jurisdiction as well as cross-jurisdiction level differences and allows member jurisdictions to initiate corrective measures, as appropriate, to strengthen their regulatory regimes and improve its functioning.

The RCAP assessments of capital regulations cover the full scope of Basel standards, ie Basel II, 2.5 and III.

Presently, the assessment methodology is based on the following broad elements:

The following jurisdiction level assessments have been completed: