G-SIB Framework: Denominators

The denominators for the G-SIB exercises are set out in the table below.


Category Individual indicator Denominators (end-2012 exercise) Denominators (end-2013 exercise) 
Size Total exposures as defined for use in the Basel III leverage ratio 69,158,725,307,224 66,313,252,232,943
Cross-jurisdictional activity Cross-jurisdictional claims 16,498,115,035,100 15,800,934,260,979
Cross-jurisdictional liabilities 16,093,124,462,531 14,093,660,568,019
Interconnectedness Intra-financial system assets 8,918,054,432,043 7,717,965,931,836
Intra-financial system liabilities 8,162,462,456,211 7,830,851,966,370
Total marketable securities 11,221,392,343,225 10,836,237,185,460
Substitutability/financial institution infrastructure Assets under custody 98,100,909,211,865 100,011,715,645,358
Payments 1,664,159,892,820,090 1,850,754,573,909,200
Values of underwritten transactions in debt and equity markets 4,547,081,105,541 4,487,480,557,423
Complexity OTC derivatives notional value 651,933,169,050,368 639,987,527,203,752
Level 3 assets 643,920,283,937 595,404,598,635
Held for trading and available for sale assets minus HQLA 5,603,879,593,861 3,310,507,132,019

* Unit is euro for all denominators

For further explanation of the use of these denominators, see Global systemically important banks: updated assessment methodology and the higher loss absorbency requirement (July 2013).