Stephen G Cecchetti

Stephen G Cecchetti

Professor of International Economics and Finance

Former BIS Economic Adviser and Head of the Monetary and Economic Department

Research papers

Date Research papers
Feb 2015

Why does financial sector growth crowd out real economic growth?

Working Papers No 490

Other authors: Enisse Kharroubi

Sep 2014

Towards an international lender of last resort

BIS Papers No 79

Mar 2014

Closing remarks

BIS Papers No 77

Dec 2013

Navigating the Great Recession: what role for monetary policy?

BIS Papers No 74

Other authors: Finn E Kydland, Jaime Caruana, Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Thomas Jordan and Glenn Stevens

Dec 2012

The future of financial globalisation

BIS Papers No 69

Other authors: Amartya Sen, Jaime Caruana, Ravi Menon and José Darío Uribe

Dec 2012

Interpreting TARGET2 balances

Working Papers No 393

Other authors: Robert N McCauley and Patrick McGuire

Jul 2012

Reassessing the impact of finance on growth

Working Papers No 381

Other authors: Enisse Kharroubi

May 2012


BIS Papers No 65

May 2012

When capital adequacy and interest rate policy are substitutes (and when they are not)

Working Papers No 379

Other authors: Marion Kohler

Dec 2011

Fiscal policy and its implications for monetary and financial stability

BIS Papers No 59

Other authors: Martin Feldstein, Jaime Caruana, José de Gregorio, Peter Diamond and Peter Praet