Sebastián Claro

This author does not work for the BIS.

Date BIS research papers
Nov 2015

Long-term rates and the term premium: evidence from Chile

BIS Papers No 83

Other authors: Carola Moreno

Aug 2014

Monetary policy independence in Chile

BIS Papers No 78

Other authors: Luis Opazo

Oct 2013

Exchange rate policy and exchange rate interventions: the Chilean experience

BIS Papers No 73

Other authors: Claudio Soto

Oct 2012

Macro policies and public debt in Chile

BIS Papers No 67

Other authors: Claudio Soto

Date Speeches
20 Jun 2017

Sebastián Claro: What to expect from the Fed's monetary policy normalization?

Presentation by Mr Sebastián Claro, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Chile, at the 2017 IIF Latin America Economic Forum, Asunción, Paraguay, 1 April 2017.

17 Sep 2012

Sebastián Claro: Chinese challenges facing Chile and Latin America

Speech by Mr Sebastián Claro, Board Member of the Central Bank of Chile, at the 2012 Latin American Cities Conferences Chile on the path to developmentŽ, organized by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, Santiago, 30 August 2012.