Marco Jacopo Lombardi

Senior Economist
Monetary and Economic Department, Monetary Policy

Marco Jacopo Lombardi joined the BIS in June 2012 from the European Central Bank, where he worked in the Directorate General Economics. While with the ECB, Marco also spent five months as a visitor to the International Department of the Bank of Canada. Prior to joining the ECB, he was assistant professor at the University of Pisa and taught Bayesian econometrics, statistics and time series analysis. Marco holds a PhD in applied statistics from the University of Florence and has been Max Weber Fellow of the European University Institute. Before joining the BIS Monetary Policy team in 2016, he worked in the Macroeconomic Analysis unit and in the Hong Kong representative office. Marco's research covers a broad range of applied issues, including monetary policy, commodities, econometric methods, forecasting and DSGE models.

Fields of interest

  • Monetary policy
  • Econometrics and mathematical methods
  • International economics

Date BIS research papers
Jun 2016

Output gaps and policy stabilisation in Latin America: the effect of commodity and capital flow cycles

BIS Working Papers No 568

Other authors: Enrique Alberola-Ila, Rocío Gondo and Diego Urbina

Mar 2016

Fiscal sustainability and the financial cycle

BIS Working Papers No 552

Other authors: Claudio Borio and Fabrizio Zampolli

Mar 2015

Oil and debt

BIS Quarterly Review March 2015

Other authors: Dietrich Domanski, Jonathan Kearns and Hyun Song Shin

Mar 2015

(Why) Is investment weak?

BIS Quarterly Review March 2015

Other authors: Ryan Niladri Banerjee and Jonathan Kearns

Feb 2015

The biofuel connection: impact of US regulation on oil and food prices

BIS Working Papers No 487

Other authors: Fernando Avalos

Feb 2015

Why did bank lending rates diverge from policy rates after the financial crisis?

BIS Working Papers No 486

Other authors: Anamaria Illes and Paul Mizen

Dec 2014

Has the transmission of policy rates to lending rates been impaired by the Global Financial Crisis?

BIS Working Papers No 477

Other authors: Leonardo Gambacorta and Anamaria Illes

Jun 2014

A shadow policy rate to calibrate US monetary policy at the zero lower bound

BIS Working Papers No 452

Other authors: Feng Zhu

Mar 2014

Has Asian emerging market monetary policy been too procyclical when responding to swings in commodity prices?

BIS Papers No 77

Other authors: Andrew Filardo

Sep 2013

Interest rate pass-through since the financial crisis

BIS Quarterly Review September 2013

Other authors: Anamaria Illes