Jaime Caruana

General Manager
Bank for International Settlements

Jaime Caruana took up the position of General Manager of the BIS on 1 April 2009. Previously, Mr Caruana was Financial Counsellor to the Managing Director and Director of the Monetary and Capital More ...

Date BIS research papers
Jan 2015


BIS Papers No 80

Other authors: Benjamin M Friedman, Stephen King and Masaaki Shirakawa

Feb 2014

The role of central banks in macroeconomic and financial stability

BIS Papers No 76

Jan 2014


BIS Papers No 75

Dec 2013

Navigating the Great Recession: what role for monetary policy?

BIS Papers No 74

Other authors: Stephen G Cecchetti, Finn E Kydland, Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Thomas Jordan and Glenn Stevens

Aug 2013

Welcoming remarks

BIS Papers No 72

Jul 2013

Introduction of the policy panel

BIS Papers No 72

Jul 2013


BIS Papers No 72

Feb 2013

International financial markets and bank funding in the euro area: dynamics and participants

Other authors: Adrian Van Rixtel

Dec 2012

The future of financial globalisation

BIS Papers No 69

Other authors: Stephen G Cecchetti, Amartya Sen, Ravi Menon and José Darío Uribe

Oct 2012

Why central bank balance sheets matter

BIS Papers No 66