Christian Upper

Head of Emerging Markets
Monetary and Economic Department

Christian Upper is head of the Emerging Markets section of the Monetary and Economic Department. He joined the BIS as a senior economist in the Financial Markets Section in August 2005. He became head of Monetary Policy and Exchange Rates in 2008, head of Financial Markets the following year, and moved to his current position in August 2015. Prior to coming to Basel, he spent seven years at the Deutsche Bundesbank. Christian holds a doctorate in economics from the European University Institute in Florence and a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Warwick. His research focuses on the interactions of finance and the macroeconomy. His work has been published in the European Economic Review and The Journal of Futures Markets as well as in publications by the Bundesbank, the ECB and the BIS.

Fields of interest

  • Financial markets
  • International capital flows
  • International finance

Date BIS research papers
Dec 2016

Emerging derivatives markets?

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Other authors: Marcos Valli

Nov 2016

Inflation mechanisms, expectations and monetary policy - Overview

BIS Papers No 89

Jan 2016

Labour reallocation and productivity dynamics: financial causes, real consequences

BIS Working Papers No 534

Other authors: Claudio Borio, Enisse Kharroubi and Fabrizio Zampolli

Dec 2013

The OTC interest rate derivatives market in 2013

BIS Quarterly Review December 2013

Other authors: Jacob Gyntelberg

Jul 2013

Credit and growth after financial crises

BIS Working Papers No 416

Other authors: Előd Takáts

Sep 2010

Debt reduction after crises

BIS Quarterly Review September 2010

Other authors: Garry Tang

Aug 2009

Financial Crises and Economic Activity

Other authors: Stephen G Cecchetti and Marion Kohler

Mar 2008

What drives interbank rates? Evidence from the Libor panel

BIS Quarterly Review March 2008

Other authors: François-Louis Michaud

Dec 2007

Changing post-trading arrangements for OTC derivatives

BIS Quarterly Review December 2007

Other authors: Elisabeth Ledrut

Sep 2007

The covered bond market

BIS Quarterly Review September 2007

Other authors: Frank Packer and Ryan Stever