Agustín Villar

Senior Economist
Monetary and Economic Department, Emerging Markets

Agustín Villar is a senior economist at the Emerging Market group in the Monetary and Economic Department. Between 1998 and 2000 he was Financial Representative for Europe at the Ministry of Economy and Public Works in Argentina. Previously he was Manager of Economic Analysis and Information at the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic. He has conducted work in the analysis of economic and financial issues in emerging market economies, international finance and international financial cooperation.

Fields of interest

  • International finance
  • Financial stability
  • Latin American

Date BIS research papers
Jun 2002

Recent trends in bond markets - The development of bond markets in emerging economies

BIS Papers No 11

Other authors: Dubravko Mihaljek and Michela Scatigna

  • "On the Consequences of Sudden Stops" (with P. Guidotti and F. Sturzenegger), Economia, Volume 4, Number 2 (Spring), 2004.