US dollar exchange rates

Updated 18 April 2018

The BIS is now publishing long time-series data on the exchange rates against the US dollar in daily, monthly, quarterly and annual frequency. The published series cover currencies for 190 economies, with monthly data starting at the earliest in 1791.

The BIS nominal exchange rate data set contains long time-series on USD exchange rates for currencies of approximately 190 economies at daily, monthly, quarterly and annual frequencies. These exchange rate series, which draw on central bank data as well as other sources, are used for the calculation of the BIS nominal and real effective exchange rate series and as an input to the BIS International Banking and Financial Statistics.

Daily data are available for approximately 80 economies. While the starting date of most daily series ranges from 1970 to 1995, series starting in the 1950s are available for 14 currencies. For lower frequencies more historical data are available: the monthly, quarterly and annual series are substantially longer than the daily ones for several currencies. These time series are calculated as end-of-period or averages over daily data, but extended backwards with the additional low-frequency historical data. Most monthly, quarterly and annual series start in 1957.

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In the September 2017 issue of the BIS Quarterly Review, "Recent enhancements to the BIS statistics" summarised the characteristics of the data set. 

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