Statistics help

Watch these tutorials to learn how to search our data using our statistical tools.

Video tutorials

  • How to search for BIS statistics

    Learn how to navigate the BIS statistics webpage and use the three statistics tools to access our data sets.

  • Introducing new BIS data sets

    Explaining new BIS data sets released in September 2017.

  • New data on exchange rates and central bank policy rates

    Explaining new BIS data sets released in September 2017.

  • Changes to the Global Liquidity Indicators

    Explaining changes to the global liquidity indicators in September 2017.

  • Changes to the International Banking Statistics

    Explaining changes to the international banking statistics in September 2017.

  • Which banks are the largest creditors to a particular country?

    Find out how much credit banks of a given nationality have extended to borrowers in more than 200 countries, using the BIS consolidated banking statistics.

  • What's the level of debt of companies, households and governments?

    The BIS statistics on credit to the non-financial sector help you understand how much credit banks and non-banks have extended to households, companies and governments in more than 40 economies, both advanced and emerging.

  • An introduction to BIS statistics

  • Total credit to the general government sector - how to find data using the BIS Statistics Warehouse