Statistical tools

Use these tools to access data compiled by the BIS. See the release calendar for the dates of data updates. 

  • The BIS Statistics Explorer allows you to interactively search the BIS data sets by navigating statistical tables, where each figure is linked to the underlying historical data (the time series). The data can be graphed, compared and downloaded.
  • The BIS Statistics Warehouse allows you to create customised queries for BIS data sets, either from scratch or by building on an existing query that you can then configure to meet your needs.
  • The BIS Statistical Bulletin provides an extensive overview of the statistics published by the BIS, designed to inform analysis of financial stability, international monetary spillovers and global liquidity. The data are presented in tabular form and can be download in a ready-to-print format.
  • CSV files allow you to download each dataset published by the BIS. The files contain the same data as in the BIS Statistics Explorer and BIS Statistics Warehouse.

Video tutorials

  • How to search for BIS statistics

    Learn how to navigate the BIS statistics webpage and use the three statistics tools to access our data sets.

  • Which banks are the largest creditors to a particular country?

    Find out how much credit banks of a given nationality have extended to borrowers in more than 200 countries, using the BIS consolidated banking statistics.

  • What's the level of debt of companies, households and governments?

    The BIS statistics on credit to the non-financial sector help you understand how much credit banks and non-banks have extended to households, companies and governments in more than 40 economies, both advanced and emerging.

Definitions of key statistical terms