Residential property prices: selected series (nominal and real)

Updated 28 February 2018

The selected series are derived from the detailed data set to facilitate cross-country analysis. A single series is selected for each country. The selection is based on the Handbook on Residential Property Price Indices and on metadata provided by central banks. In most cases, this series covers all types of dwellings in markets for both new and existing dwellings in the country as a whole.´╗┐

Our data

The data set for the selected series of nominal and real residential property prices can also be downloaded in a single CSV file.

These selected series have been rebased and are presented at a quarterly frequency and updated quarterly; where the frequency of the series collected is monthly, the quarterly data are calculated as the average of the monthly observations. In addition to the nominal price series, and their growth rates, the data set includes CPI-deflated versions of the series (and their growth rates). The selected data is as homogeneous as possible. Nevertheless, significant discrepancies remain in sources and compilation methods, as the HRPP recommendations have not yet been implemented in all countries. The methodological summary provides a detailed coverage of the selected indicators.

The following four series are published for each country:

  • Nominal value; average for 2010 = 100.
  • Real value (nominal value deflated by the consumer price index); average for 2010 = 100.
  • Nominal year-on-year percentage change.
  • Real year-on-year percentage change.

Any use of the selected series shall be cited as follows: "Sources: National sources, BIS Residential Property Price database,"

Research and analysis

An analysis based on these selected indicators is also released on a quarterly basis, with a particular focus on longer-term developments in the May release.

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