Long series on nominal residential property prices

Updated 28 February 2018

The long series on nominal residential property prices provides quarterly information on nominal residential property prices for 18 advanced and 5 emerging market economies.

Our data

The data set for the long series of nominal residential property prices can also be downloaded in a single CSV file.

The series has been constructed using data provided by various sources, including central banks, national statistical offices, research institutes, private companies and academic studies. The underlying series can make use of different methodologies and cover different geographical areas and types of dwellings.

The BIS has compiled the long series on residential property prices on a best-efforts basis but cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Any use of the long series shall be cited as follows: "Sources: National sources, BIS Residential Property Price database, www.bis.org/statistics/pp.htm."

Research and analysis

In the September 2014 issue of the BIS Quarterly Review, the article on "Residential property price statistics across the globe" covered diversity in the characteristics of house price statistics, the BIS property price statistics, and house prices as an input to economic analysis.

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