Detailed data set on nominal residential property prices

Updated 21 March 2018

The detailed data set of nominal residential property prices consists of around 300 series from 60 countries, collected from national central banks. The data set is updated monthly.

Our data

Any use of the detailed series shall be cited as follows: "Sources: National sources, BIS Residential Property Price database,"

Explanation of data variance

These data series differ significantly from country to country. They may vary in frequency, in the type of property and vintage, the covered area, priced unit, compilation method or seasonal adjustment.

The specificities of each country's residential property markets and the absence of binding international standards for property price statistics could explain this variety of dimensions. However, recommendations on best practice for compiling residential property price indices can be found in the Handbook on Residential Property Price Indices (HRPP), which presents these data in the context of different user needs.

In disseminating these statistics, the BIS and its member central banks are following up on Recommendation 19 in "The financial crisis and information gaps" -a joint IMF/FSB report prepared for G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. Recommendation 19 advises the BIS and its member central banks to investigate how publicly available real estate price data are disseminated on its website. The initial joint report was published in October 2009, while the recommendations for the second phase were presented in September 2016. and progress reports have subsequently been published in May 2010, June 2011, September 2012, September 2013 and September 2014September 2015 and September 2017.

Research and analysis

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